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India Christian
Assembly of Seattle
Address of Worship Location: 4130 University Way NE Seattle, WA. 98105 Sunday School 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Worship Time: 11:30 AM  -  1:30 PM
A Fellowship of Faith, Hope, and Love
Welcome to India Christian Assembly of Seattle website. Join us to worship God in truth and spirit.  We are a Christ centered Church building healthy spiritual congregation in the City of Seattle, Washington and all  round.  We welcome your presence to worship with us.  Our worship services in part Malayalam and English.  
206 356 6168
Pastor Victor George pastorvictorg@gmail.com 206 242 6565 / 206 356 6168
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My dear Friends:  Are you searching for happiness? Has life become  meaningless? Perhaps, you have lost your job, or lost your family.  May be you have become addicted to alcohol or drugs in the search for happiness.  You may have lost your ambition or even your faith in other people.  You may feel there is nothing left in the life and nowhere to turn. But listen! There is good news for you! JESUS CHRIST. He can offer you eternal happiness. He is able to change your life completely, and fill your heart with full of joy and peace which will never be faded.  Jesus said, “Come unto me all you that labor and heavy laden, I will give you rest.”  He is the answer for all your problems.  Would you come to Him? I take this opportunity to invite you to all to our living God.